our packages & prices

At Plenary IT Solutions, we offer you nothing but complete and transparent consulting services and support. We get to meet you, know your needs, offer you a tailored solution, see it through and offer you support 24/7.

Our operating process are so simple, yet professionally carried out and that is why we have continuous returning customers who are always with us.

Our prices are offered tailored to your specific needs, they could be fixed or flexible prices, pay-as-you-go or even subscription prices for IT Support.

Below are some of the prices and Website Packages we off, but they are not limited, so if you have anything in mind contact us and we’ll work with you to get your desired specification.






Web Development from $850
from $1,450
Ecommerce from  $2,500
Mobile App (iOS & Android) from $3,500
from $25,000
from  $85,000
Database & Web App from $5,500 from $30,000 from $90,000
Software Development (Windows) from $10,000 from $40,000 from $95,000
Cloud & Systems Integration from $2,500 from $15,000 from $100,000
IT Support (On-Site/Off-Site) Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Want to be a Reseller?
Do you want to take charge and run your own business, but don’t know where to start from? Plenary IT can make that dream come true. Our reseller hosting packages comes with state of the art technologies, with 24/7 support. We handle everything for you,
while you become your own boss. Got more questions? Contact us to find out how.