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Let’s say you are not a tech savvy or you don’t have the time to get things done yourself? Plenary IT Solutions can help. We will be your IT Department, so you can focus on your business while we help you achieve that goal. Engage with us today and be rest assured we’ve got you back 24/7…

At Plenary IT Solutions, we know it’s important to represent your business with a resounding logo and we are committed to helping you develop that brand with a perfect logo. We also offer business cards designs, professional marketing flyers, posters, car door magnets, customise note pads, pens and more.


We offer a professional logo design to suit your website and other business needs. For only $190 you receive:

  • 2 Unique Logo Designs to choose from
  • 2 Design Variations
  • 2 Reviews
  • Full copyright

Your website should be something that represents you and you love to showcase your business at every chance…

Before setting up a web service for your business, it is imperative to understand what kind of services you need by separating your needs and what you can offer. Understanding what kind of services your website needs, the kind of server your business needs, budget and type of services that are being offered is crucial to the overall success of owning your own site.

Plenary IT offers you a dedicated team that offers custom services t0 meets your specific requirements. From understanding your business requirements, organising your needs, setting up your domain, to developing a responsive website and manage your database solutions. Our dedicated team will work with you around the clock. We don’t just help you choose the right service, we help keep you in business ahead of your competition.

Our most affordable website Business Listing Package starts at $280, includes domain and hosting. It’s a fast, affordable and tailored just for you. No hidden charges.

Our Latest Work

Reaching your customers always doesn’t have to be a big task or cost you heaps.

You don’t have to personally meet up with your customers to tell them about your business. It can be made easy and possible by sending them a personalised email straight to their inbox.

Plenary IT can help create email campaigns to send new, promotional offers and tips, building a friendly relationship with your customers.


As we say, a regular, consistent communication are the building blocks of a strong and lasting relationships. If you want to have that kind of relationship with your customers, we can help.


Highly Target Audience
Eliminate Wastage
Achieve Greater Results

We are in a new era. A time of information technology, where we deliver adverts on online using various means such as Facebook and more…

At a fraction of the cost of a traditional method of advertising, we specialise in filtering large amounts of data and carefully pick our targeted details to achieve greater results.

Using advanced technologies from the likes of Google, Facebook and more or having your customers sign up for your mailing list, you are sure of achieving that with us.

Get started with a free goal-setting session to identify your needs and what is the best online strategy for your business. No obligations.

At Plenary IT, we don’t stop at developing your website, we follow it through with a state of the act the hosting solutions. Our dedicated web services team will help you understand your business needs and help recommend the suitable system for your business.

We offer a range of of Web Services:

  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Managed Server
  • SSL Certificates
  • Business and Enterprise Email Solutions
  • Reseller Hosting

The need to integrate emerging technologies in a dynamic management and IT landscape has never been stronger. To enable this, the use of IT support services is a required prerequisite to build a robust system, improve customer or end user experience, control maintenance cost, and upgrade both hardware and software to facilitate responsiveness.

From Pay-as-you go IT support, to a fully outsourced support, we provide cutting edge support, management and strategic guidance to small business.

We provide a custom, tailored and cost effective IT support services irrespective of the size of your business because, we are good at what we do in ensuring the success of your business.

With a team of dedicated support staff working round the clock, we ensure you get the very best of service delivery to the last detail.

We offer both Onsite and remote support services. Our range of services include but not limited to the following:

  • Supporting your complete infrastructure under a flexible structure.
  • We provide support only when needed.
  • We provide a range of support services as per specific required tailored to your business.
  • We handle your complete support infrastructure both onsite and remotely.


web design
Our creative designers work with you to give the best that suits your brand.
Are you a start up? We can get you started with making a brand for yourself.
We use the professional softwares that is secure and user friendly and packed with features.